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Shore, and points east

Finally got back from the shore around midnight last night. We should have come back earlier, but none of us wanted to leave. rainyday22 and I helped a family look for otters they'd seen from their balcony, but neither she nor I saw them.

I think this trip might be the best of the summer trips so far. We didn't even award a sandy this year! I feel like people were much better about keeping stuff calmer and not making a huge mess, which are things that up my stress level pretty fast. I also got the chance to talk to K's girl, which was nice. I don't know her very well, so any time she really talks is pretty cool. And, of course, I got to hang out with rainyday22 which will always make me have a good time.

We went to the beach Sunday early evening, which was great because it was still bright out, the water was just cold enough to be refreshing, but there was no crowd to contend with. The waves were high and frequent because of a storm system, so there was a good deal of splashing, getting tipped over, and body boarding. That, combined with being in the pool once or twice a day, and I actually woke up a little sore today.

The cooking and food situation seemed to work out equitably, and outinleftfield's idea about an even contribution really helped with the grocery costs. He made chili friday night, which was delicious, but did mean the place had to get aired out on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone who came down, I hope you had a great time.
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